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Bankruptcy is a huge decision and is one of the most important financial decisions of your life. The decision to file for bankruptcy should never be taken lightly and should only be considered after all other viable options have been explored. If you could avoid filing for bankruptcy – would you? Chances are you would say of course! To help you understand all of your available options and to discuss both the pros and cons of each, Fallbrook bankruptcy attorney and debt relief lawyer Jeffrey D. Larkin is the right choice for you. Why? Because The Larkin Law Firm is dedicated to finding a customized debt solution that works for you.

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How Do I Get Started?

Give us a call to schedule your free consultation. During your consultation, Mr. Larkin will personally analyze your finances and create a debt resolution program based on your goals. He will explain all of your available financial options and help you choose the best choice based on the facts of your particular case. You may discover that you do not need to file bankruptcy after all. Oftentimes, credit repair, debt settlement, short sale, loan modification or one of many other options will solve your problems instead of bankruptcy.

Once a decision is made regarding which option works best for you, the Larkin Law Firm works with you to carry out the plan from start to finish. If necessary, we will access our network of trusted professionals who can lend further help and expertise, so that you have all the resources at your disposal to carry out your debt relief plan and bring you closer to financial solvency.

If it is determined that filing for bankruptcy protection is your best or only option, bankruptcy attorney Larkin will personally handle your case from intake through discharge to ensure a smooth transition to a life free of debt, and the stress that comes with it. The Larkin Law Firm emphasizes small firm service while possessing big firm knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. Schedule your free, no obligation consultation today.

Fallbrook Bankruptcy Attorney Case Study

“Fallbrook Francine” was a self employed horse trainer who trained horses for equestrian competitions. In 2005 her business was very successful, so much so that she purchased a three acre ranch with enough space to build a track to train the horses. At the time of purchase, she obtained a first and second mortgage with no money down, and used her savings to build the horse track for training purposes. Business was great until about 2008 when the real estate market went south and business slowed drastically. In Fallbrook Francine’s line of work, horse training is considered a luxury, one of the first things cut when expenses need to be trimmed. Slowly but surely Fallbrook Francine depleted her savings and by the summer of 2011, she was out of money.

Unable to make the mortgage payments on her home, Fallbrook Francine received a notice of default in the mail indicating her lender was initiating foreclosure proceedings. She decided it was time to review her options and made the intelligent decision to contact Fallbrook bankruptcy lawyer and debt relief specialist Jeffrey D. Larkin to schedule a free consultation.

Bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey D. Larkin met with Fallbrook Francine and a debt relief plan was created and implemented. Because Francine did not have any other debts besides the mortgages on her home, it was determined that filing for bankruptcy protection was not necessary, and that there were other options available to her. Fallbrook Francine’s first and second mortgages were considered “purchase money” mortgages and because Francine had never refinanced the loans they were considered “non-recourse” loans. Non-recourse loans are loans in which the lenders only recourse is to foreclose on the property. Borrowers cannot be sued individually for a money judgment in this instance. Since Fallbrook Francine could not afford her mortgage any longer anyway, the decision was made to stop paying on the house and let her lender foreclose. Francine is now renting a small apartment which she can afford and no longer has to worry how she can keep a home she could simply not afford.

If you or someone you know needs financial relief, make the call to the Larkin Law Firm for your free consultation today.To learn more about how to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation as above, click here.


Facts About Fallbrook, California

Fallbrook is a small city located at the north-east tip of San Diego County with a population of approximately 31,000. It boasts an average elevation of 685 feet above sea level. Fallbrook is well known for its vast fields of avocado farms. Fallbrook is oftentimes referred to as the “Avocado Capital of the World,” and draws very large crowds to its annual avocado festival where people sample delicious dishes made with avocados. Fallbrook has an average yearly temperature of 61 degrees making it an ideal climate for the production of avocados.

The median resident age for residents of Fallbrook is 34.7 years and the estimated median household income is $54,282. The median house or condo value is estimated to be around $384,649 while the median gross rent is $1,060.


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