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Whether you need a short sale, loan modification, credit repair, refinance, foreclosure assistance, or if Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your solution; The Larkin Law Firm is here to help. Our firm is dedicated to providing personalized and reliable debt solutions for each client in order to resolve their financial struggles.

We don’t simply give the same advice to every client, because we understand that every case involves its own unique set of factors, and that creative solutions are sometimes necessary to achieve your goal of debt relief. In these tough economic times, more people today are facing financial issues than ever before. People are struggling to make ends meet and looking for solutions to their problems. The Larkin Law Firm is different—we explore all of your available options and work with you to achieve your debt relief goals.
Together we create a plan, and our bankruptcy law firm executes the plan.

Rancho Bernardo bankruptcy attorney and debt relief lawyer Jeffrey Larkin worked for years at two of the largest bankruptcy law firms in San Diego County.

In 2008, he was among the top five highest filers in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California. network of reputable consultants can lend additional help if needed. These contacts include accountants, financial advisors, real estate professionals, and others who specialize in areas that may be beneficial to your case.

In the event that bankruptcy is your best option, we will guide you in every step of the process to make sure that your case is handled diligently and efficiently. From start to finish, you will be kept informed of all the issues surrounding your case by Mr. Larkin personally. You’ll be in good hands with bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey Larkin.

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Rancho Bernardo Bankruptcy Attorney Case Study:

“Rancho Bernardo Richard” was part owner of an internet start-up company based in Sorrento Valley.  He made a lot of money over the years with various businesses and thought this start-up would be no different.  In order to secure the necessary funding for the new business, Rancho Bernardo Richard personally guaranteed unsecured debt to the amount of $75,000.00.  For the first year and a half, things went well and business flourished. Beginning in 2010, things started slowing down and Rancho Bernardo Richard soon began putting more money in the business to keep it afloat. Before he knew it, he had debt totaling $125,000.00.

Richard made the smart decision to schedule a free consultation with Rancho Bernardo bankruptcy lawyer Jeffrey Larkin. After reviewing his options and explaining the specifics, Richard decided that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy was his best choice. He understood that one of the reasons bankruptcy laws were created was to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit with an “out” for worst case scenario. Flash forward four months and Rancho Bernardo Richard is debt free and has a new job at Qualcomm. He no longer has the stress of creditors hanging over his head and can focus on what matters to him most, his family.

If you or someone you know is in need of financial relief, make the intelligent decision to contact the Larkin Law Firm today.

Facts about Rancho Bernardo

Rancho Bernardo is a scenic town located in the beautiful rolling hills of North San Diego. Rancho Bernardo attracts many tourists because of its proximity to upscale boutique shops and restaurants and is also where the oldest winery in Southern California is located.  Rancho Bernardo is home to Sony corporate headquarters, in addition to many other major companies. With its mild climate and limitless scenery including trails, canyons, and rolling hills, activities such as golf, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities are enjoyed by Rancho Bernardo residents and visitors alike.

The estimated median detached home in Rancho Bernardo is valued at $671,057 and the median rent is $1,671. Rancho Bernardo’s  average median income per household is $100,410.


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