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If you are considering filing for bankruptcy protection – STOP! You should first consider all other available options. Filing for bankruptcy should generally be used as a last resort when all other alternatives will not provide you with equal or better relief. Poway bankruptcy attorney and consumer debt relief lawyer Jeffrey D. Larkin is experienced in bankruptcy and other forms of consumer debt relief and will provide you with personalized care and advice that resolves your current financial troubles as best as possible.

At The Larkin Law Firm – your personal Poway bankruptcy law firm, our goal isn’t simply to solve your current financial problems – we also strive to ensure that you understand the pros and cons of the decisions you make about bankruptcy so you know what to do and what to avoid in order to avoid any potential financial struggles in the future.

As part of reviewing your options, we consult with a hand-picked team of experts in their respective fields including bookkeepers, accountants, brokers, lenders, and other experts as necessary. If we determine that you are best protected by filing for bankruptcy, then we provide you the best legal advice possible and guide you every step of the way from start to finish.

A salesperson at a bankruptcy mill won’t do this for you—their goal is to sign you up quickly so they can move on to the next case. Here at the Larkin Law Firm, we’ll work with you for as long as it takes to keep you informed and ease your stress throughout the bankruptcy process. At the conclusion of your case, we make the transition towards living life after bankruptcy as easy as possible. When you put your trust in Larkin Law, we’ll make sure you are well equipped to rebuild your finances and get your life back to normal. After years of working with some of the largest law firms in San Diego, Mr. Larkin is extremely knowledgeable in helping all types of clients with debt.

Call our office today to receive your free consultation and get the important advice you need to restore order to your financial future!

Poway Bankruptcy Attorney Case Study:

“Poway Paul” was an engineer working for Qualcomm making $125,000 per year. He and his wife always enjoyed the finer things in life as a result of their hard work and good income. Paul drove a BMW, his wife drove a Mercedes, and they lived in a beautiful $750,000 home. In April, 2009, Poway Paul lost his job with Qualcomm and their life began spinning out of control. Unable to meet their monthly living obligations, Poway Paul and his wife began using credit cards to supplement their living expenses. Thinking he would get a job in the near future, Poway Paul and Priscilla did not change their spending habits and in 2 years time, they had racked up over $100,000 in credit card debt. Having maxed out their credit cards and Poway Paul still not being able to find work, they contacted The Larkin Law Firm for a consultation. They met with Poway bankruptcy attorney and debt relief lawyer Jeffrey D. Larkin. Attorney Larkin reviewed their current finances and considering the total amount of debt they owed, it was decided that chapter 7 bankruptcy was their best option. Four months later Poway Paul and his wife are completely debt free and Paul has found new employment. They are actively rebuilding their credit and will soon be able to refinance their mortgage to lower their rate and monthly payment.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a financial situation similar to the one above please contact the Larkin Law Firm to receive a Free Consultation. You have nothing to lose and your financial freedom to re-gain.

Facts about Poway

Poway is nicknamed “The City in the Country”, and is estimated to have a population of only 50,000 people. Poway is known for its miles upon miles of some of the most pristine trails in all of Southern California – making it popular among hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. There is plenty of Native American history found in Poway, and hundreds of historical artifacts have been uncovered from beneath its soil, which also makes for great crops such as grapes for its increasing wine production and culture.

The city of Poway has an estimated median house or condo value of $485,211 and the average median income per household is $88,365.


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