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Life is much simpler and stress-free when our finances are in order. However, if you are currently struggling with your finances, call the Larkin Law Firm today for your free consultation with La Mesa bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey Larkin to discover all your options for getting out of debt. What makes the Larkin Law Firm different from all the other bankruptcy law firms and debt relief centers? The answer is simple – our debt relief solutions are tailored to your unique set of financial circumstances.

Let’s Explore Your Financial Options

At the Larkin Law Firm, we believe in exploring all of your financial options before making a decision. Depending upon the facts of your case, another solution besides bankruptcy might serve your needs better. Perhaps a short sale is your solution so your home doesn’t go into a foreclosure. Maybe a loan modification will help lighten your debt load so you have additional income for monthly necessities.

Regardless of your particular financial troubles, our bankruptcy law firm is committed to making sure that you are informed of all the pros and cons of any option, including bankruptcy. If it is determined that bankruptcy turns out to be your best financial option, then La Mesa bankruptcy lawyer Jeffrey D. Larkin will personally handle your case from start to finish.

The ultimate goal of the Larkin Law Firm is to resolve your immediate financial problems and to put you back on the path to financial independence. Contact our offices today at our toll-free number 1-877-NEW-HOPE to schedule your free consultation.

About Jeffrey Larkin

With over a decade of experience working in bankruptcy law and consumer debt relief, La Mesa bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey Larkin has handled thousands of bankruptcy and debt relief cases. In 2009 he opened the Larkin Law Firm to provide businesses and consumers with the individual attention and legal counsel they deserve during their difficult financial times. Call us today and schedule your free consultation. The only thing you have to lose is your creditors and the stress that comes with them.

La Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney Case Study

“La Mesa Larry” was a general contractor with a small business called “La Mesa Construction, Inc.” Larry’s business specialized in custom made swimming pools and landscaped backyards. From 2003 through 2007 La Mesa Larry’s business did very well and there was plenty of work. Beginning in 2008, business began to slow drastically and by the summer of 2012, Larry had depleted all of his savings and had accumulated $65,000.00 in credit card debt. With no end in sight, Larry decided to contact La Mesa bankruptcy attorney and debt relief lawyer Jeffrey D. Larkin for a free consultation.

Upon meeting with La Mesa Larry and reviewing his finances, it was determined that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection was his best option. A Chapter 7 filing would allow La Mesa Larry to keep all of his business tools and equipment safe from his creditors so he could continue to operate his business after eliminating all of the personal debt he had accumulated while keeping the business afloat.

After a 100 day bankruptcy process, La Mesa Larry is now back on his feet and once again seeing his business pick back up. He has began replenishing his retirement savings and is living debt free.

If you or someone you know is struggling financially, make the intelligent decision by calling the Larkin Law Firm at 1-877-256-3946 to schedule your free consultation today.

About La Mesa, California

The city of La Mesa is located in East County San Diego. La Mesa was founded in 1869, but it wasn’t until 1912 when it was incorporated. La Mesa is located 12 miles east of the Pacific Ocean and is well known for the “Walkway of the Stars,” a pedestrian walkway dedicated to recognizing outstanding volunteers in the community. Due to its plateau terrain and proximity to the ocean, La Mesa climate is cooler than most other East County cities. La Mesa also boasts one of the largest annual Oktoberfest celebrations in the country, where approximately 200,000 people converge on the streets in celebration of the three day festival.

The population estimate for the city of La Mesa is around 58,642 residents. The median value of homes in the city is $378,500 while the average annual household income is nearly $55,744. The city has established a program called the “Cool Zone”. This program is aimed at providing seniors and persons with disabilities air-conditioned buildings that allow them to escape the extreme heat of the summer. Learn More Now.


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