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Many bankruptcy attorneys and firms focus on bankruptcy as the only option from the get go. At The Larkin Law Firm, we do just the opposite. We realize every case is different, and that some may require creative solutions beyond simply filing for bankruptcy protection.

Our mission here at Larkin Law is to solve your immediate financial problems, and to restore financial order to your life.

Did you know rather than filing for bankruptcy protection, other options might exist that could be more beneficial for your particular situation? Do you have questions about which option may be of more benefit to your case and get you back on the road to financial recovery quicker? Vista bankruptcy attorney and debt relief lawyer Jeffrey Larkin will work together with you to create a debt relief plan that is right for you, which in turn will help you make an informed decision that will lead you towards financial redemption quicker, so you can begin to rebuild your life as soon as possible.

In addition to the expertise of Mr. Larkin, the Larkin Law Firm also maintains a network of reputable contacts that can provide assistance in carrying out your debt relief plan if necessary, such as credit lenders, accountants, bookkeepers and trusted real estate professionals. Together we will work diligently, advocating your best interests and helping you put your financial life back on track.

Jeffrey Larkin is a Vista bankruptcy attorney that has years of experience working at large bankruptcy law firms. He now takes pride in using his vast knowledge and expertise to deliver small firm, personalized service to each and every client.

Call The Larkin Law Firm now and you’ll receive a free confidential consultation to begin the journey to financial relief!

Vista Bankruptcy Attorney Case Study:

“Vista Valerie” was a 30 year old woman who just couldn’t seem to catch a break. After racking up a bunch of debt for an old boyfriend back in 2006 and being fired from her job the following month, Vista Valerie finally had a good paying job and a stable relationship.
One evening, Vista Valerie was served with a lawsuit by a creditor for a debt she hadn’t paid on since she lost her job back in 2006. The lawsuit was asking for attorney fees and interest for a period of over 5 years!
Scared and not knowing what to do, Vista Valerie contacted Vista bankruptcy attorney and debt relief lawyer Jeffrey Larkin for assistance. Mr. Larkin met with Vista Valerie and took the necessary time to explore all of her available options including bankruptcy. Through the diligence of Larkin Law, Vista Valerie was able to avoid a bankruptcy filing and get the case dismissed based on the debt being beyond the statute of limitations. This defense was successfully asserted against the creditor and Vista Valerie’s worries were over.

If you or someone you know is experiencing financial difficulties and would like a free consultation to explore your options with a qualified Vista bankruptcy attorney and debt relief lawyer, contact the Larkin Law Firm today.

Facts about Vista

The city of Vista is located ten miles east of the Pacific Ocean and benefits from an enjoyable climate, also known as a Mediterranean Climate. With a population of over 90,000 people, Vista offers year-round outdoor activities, great schools and many business resources. With picturesque rolling hills, a large business park, and over 25 educational schools and resources, many people are moving to Vista and enjoying the services and amenities the city has to offer.

The city of Vista has an estimated median house or condo value of $311,000 and the median gross rent is $1,156. The average median income per household in Vista is $41,599.


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