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August 22, 20200

Have you been looking at your bankruptcy and debt relief options, but aren’t sure which ones are right for you? Does it seem like filing for Chapter 13 in San Diego is the correct move, but you aren’t sure? These are perfectly understandable questions. Most people, when it gets to the point where they’re looking at bankruptcy options, don’t have a frame of reference to know what the best choice is. That’s where having a debt relief professional on your side can help. 


Chapter 13 Explained 


The nicknames for Chapter 13 bankruptcy include “wage earner plan” and “reorganization.” Essentially, that’s what it is: the idea is that you make a monthly payment to a trustee. Then, that trustee takes your fund and distributes them to creditors. That distribution is determined by priority, as outlined in the bankruptcy code. Typically, unsecured debts are paid after secured ones. But, the general idea is: you’re a wage earner, you’re bringing money in, and then you’re paying it to this trustee to pay down your debts. 

Chapter 13 in San Diego

Who’s A Good Fit for Chapter 13? 


Have you gotten in over your head on an automobile loan, and now it’s very delinquent? Alternatively, do you have a bunch of junior liens on your property? Did you look at Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but then determine that you would lose assets if you filed for it? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you’re probably a good fit for Chapter 13. Now, that’s not to say that everyone who meets that criteria is the perfect fit for it. But, if you do have those concerns or similar ones, then this absolutely might be the right debt relief option for you. 


How is Chapter 13 Eligibility Determined? 


As you might imagine, with something as complicated as bankruptcy, a lot goes into. For the most part, whether you’re a better fit for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 is determined by your financial situation. That means the income you’re bringing in, the living expenses you have, as well as the debt you’ve piled up. Those are three critical components of your life. Realy, this shows the importance of having a debt relief attorney you can trust. When you put your living expenses, debt, and income into the hands of someone, you have to be able to trust them. That’s where the Larkin Law Firm comes in. 


The Larkin Law Firm: For Chapter 13 in San Diego and Other Options 


While many people will be a great fit for Chapter 13, the truth is that not everyone will be. Some folks will best be served by Chapter 7, whereas others will see that they have the best chance at a fresh start by going with some other kind of debt consolidation, relief, or something else. The Larkin Law Firm can help figure out exactly which of these options is best for you, and then diligently work to make it happen. For a free consultation: (760) 316-6669

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