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July 14, 20200

Are you considering filing for bankruptcy but are worried about doing it by yourself? Have you done some research into Chapter 13 bankruptcy in California only to discover that it’s far, far more complex than you had originally thought? Bankruptcy is not a simple, clear process by any means. With nothing less than your financial future at stake, it’s important to work with a professional. That way, you can get experienced guidance to find your way to a new, fresh start. 

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy California: A Reorganization 

Indeed, reorganization is one of the nicknames for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Another is a wage earner plan. As you might imagine from those nicknames, this is a bankruptcy plan that, should you qualify for it, can be one which would allow you to start a new life on your terms. However, there are significant advantages as well as drawbacks to this debt relief plan, as there are with any other. That’s why it’s all the more important to have a debt relief pro on your side: they can put together a solution that’s right for you. 

What Chapter 13 Entails 

Typically, Chapter 13 includes a monthly payment plan that you’ll pay to a trustee. If you have junior liens from the property, this kind of bankruptcy can actually eliminate them. By that same token, it can help you to get caught up on an automobile loan that has become very delinquent. In the past, Larkin Law Firm clients have also utilized this kind of bankruptcy to cure mortgage arrears on real estate too. With mortgage arrears, auto loans, junior property liens, and more, this bankruptcy can actually cover quite a lot. With the right debt relief attorney, you can get the help that will make a bankruptcy most work for you. 

Customized Debt Relief 

Remember, you can’t get this bankruptcy just by saying that you’d prefer to do a Chapter 13. Your eligibility has to be determined. That eligibility is determined by your debt, your income, and your living expenses. Since that’s so specific to your person, your debt relief solutions have to be specific to match. If some bankruptcy attorney just gives you the same bankruptcy plan that worked for someone else, they’d be doing you a disservice. After all, no one has the same income, the same debt, the same living expenses, and so forth. There is one firm that takes this all into consideration so that folks can get the debt relief that provides real solutions. 

The Larkin Law Firm 

While many clients have been best served by a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, still others require a Chapter 7. In fact, there are many clients who don’t need “bankruptcy” at all. Instead, their best option is one of many other debt relief solutions. This isn’t the kind of thing that you want to spend all of your time researching. When you work with an experienced professional, all of the worries goes away. Instead, you can just plan for the future. Call us today for a free consultation at (760) 316-6669.

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