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July 21, 20200

Does it feel like your debts keep getting higher and higher with no end in sight? Have you felt like there’s just no way to pay back the money you owe? Did you research bankruptcy only to find that it seems much more complicated than you thought? This is why so many have availed themselves of a bankruptcy law center. With an experienced professional at your side, you can get the kind of debt relief solutions that take care of your debt problems both today and in the future. 

Bankruptcy Law Center that Expedites the Process 

Many folks, when they look at their debt-relief options, worry that bankruptcy will take too long. It can seem this way, but the truth is that many bankruptcies are actually shorter than a person thinks. For example, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be completed between ninety and a hundred days. So, in the course of just about three months, you’ll be all the way through it. Beyond that, it’s important to note that you won’t spend all three months in court either. Typically, there’s just one hearing you have to go to, and, usually, it’s not even in a courtroom. This, however, is dependent upon having an experienced bankruptcy attorney, one who can make this process work for you. 

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Professionals to Keep Your Bankruptcy Private 

It’s perfectly understandable that you don’t want everyone to know about your bankruptcy. While there is no shame in seeking debt relief solutions, (especially in a time, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world quickly falls into a recession) we understand that you may not want everyone to know about your debt relief solutions. However, it’s important to note that getting bankruptcy isn’t something that gets put into newspapers or on social media sites. Yes, if someone were to go through the trouble to go to the bankruptcy court and search the court record for information, they could potentially find your bankruptcy filing. However, they would have to go to all of that trouble to do so. What we’re saying is that you can get debt relief without everyone knowing. 

Bankruptcy Isn’t a Sign of Failure, It’s a Sign of Growth 

One sentiment that the Larkin Law Firm encounters all of the time is the idea that “well, I’ve declared bankruptcy, so I must have failed in life.” No, all it means is that you need help with debt. Think of how many successful, even famous people you can name off of the top of your head who have filed bankruptcy. If you can’t think of too many, a simple online search will show you. Often, the people who have had to file bankruptcy are risk-takers. They’re those who have tried something, only to see it not go as they had hoped. They can take what they’ve learned and then apply it to their future endeavors. We can help you to have the best start for your future endeavors. Call us today for a free consultation at (760) 316-6669

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