Debt ReliefUtilizing California Bankruptcy Laws for a Fresh Start

July 7, 20200

Have you been looking into California bankruptcy laws and found that they’re much more difficult to parse than you realized? Were you considering bankruptcy, but don’t know which kind of bankruptcy is right for you? The thing about bankruptcy is that you have to get it right. It’s not exactly the kind of action that lends itself towards a “second chance.” That’s where the Larkin Law Firm comes in. We can help you to have the proper debt relief solutions the first time. 

Consideration and Planning 

A bankruptcy proceeding is about the present as well as the future. Yes, you want a debt relief solution that can help you right now. However, the proper debt relief solution (i.e. one that’s actually a real solution) is one that will allow you to have the best chance at a fresh start going forward. You don’t want to have to spend the next so many years thinking: “I wish I’d done my bankruptcy differently.” Should that occur, then, in a very real way, the concerns from your current bankruptcy will stay with you, following you into the future. With the right debt relief solutions, you can have a genuine clean break. 

“One Call Stops the Stress” 

We have that phrase at the top of our site, but it’s important to think about what it means. When you’re mired up in debt, unsure about how you’re going to pay for it, it’s difficult to ever be able to relax. It’s practically impossible to be able to enjoy anything. Beyond just not being able to pay for anything, however, it’s also the uncertainty. It’s all too easy to fall into that stress, as your concerns about “who is going to pay for this” spiral. When you call us, we give you the real, honest truth. In just a brief conversation, your uncertainty will disappear, allowing you to move forward clear-eyed. 

California Bankruptcy Laws

An Objective, Professional, Honest Eye 

If you’ve found the Larkin Law Firm because you’ve been searching online for “debt relief solutions” or something like that, then odds are you’ve probably seen some links to some unscrupulous “credit repair” sites. Unfortunately, there are those who only seek to make money off of those worried about debt, they have no interest in providing solutions. They’ll make misleading and deceptive promises that, if followed, will only make things worse on someone struggling with debt. When you come to us, we’ll tell you the real truth. We’ll lay out the situation you’re in, yes, but we’ll also make sure to show you a genuine way out as well. That way, we can put together a customized solution for you. 

Individualized Debt Plans 

We believe that you deserve a debt relief plan that meets your specific needs. It shouldn’t be something that worked for someone else. Instead, it should be carefully crafted to match your exact circumstances. We can discuss this with you on a phone call, video conference, or in other formats. Call us today for a free consultation at (760) 316-6669.

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