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July 1, 20200

Have you been looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in San Diego but aren’t sure which one to trust? Did you already reach out to a few bankruptcy attorneys only to find that you didn’t feel like you wanted to go with any of them? Choosing the right bankruptcy attorney is important. After all, this is someone you’re trusting with your financial future (in addition to your financial present). Jeffrey D. Larkin, here at the Larkin Law Firm, has the kind of experience and compassion to help you to get “back on your feet” so to speak. 

Seventeen Years of Experience

That’s how long Jeffrey D. Larkin has been practicing bankruptcy law and consumer debt relief. For almost two decades, he’s been helping folks of all walks of life to have the sort of debt relief solutions that provide real, actionable solutions. In those 17-plus years, he’s helped someone with just about every single kind of debt relief option there is. 

More than Just Bankruptcy 

When someone says that they’re a “bankruptcy attorney,” it’s natural to think that the solutions they have to offer only involve bankruptcy. The truth is that a bankruptcy attorney like Jeffrey D. Larkin is equipped to offer essentially any kind of debt relief resolution. Over the years, he’s helped to shepherd so many through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies (as well as others). That means he’s also worked to modify loans, repair credit, set up short sales and so many other options. The truth is that he can draw upon his experiences to help you get your debt situation together. 

Bankruptcy Lawyer in San Diego

The Experience of a Big Firm with the Personalized Service of a Boutique One 

During many of those seventeen years, Jeffrey D. Larkin worked at two of San Diego County’s biggest bankruptcy law firms. That means that he saw an enormous caseload. He was in a position to help the debt problems of people from essentially all walks of life. So, when he set out to start the Larkin Law Firm, he took all of that experience with him. However, he wanted to build a smaller law firm that would be able to offer more personalized services. The truth is that there are few problems more personal than debt, few concerns that require a great, more precise focus than setting up one’s financial future. With the Larkin Law Firm, Jeffrey D. Larkin and his team are able to do all of that and more. 

When You’re Ready to Take the First Step 

The truth is that, for many, it can be difficult to get started with a bankruptcy law firm. However, mounting debt is the kind of problem that doesn’t go away on its own. In fact, it tends to only get worse. However, when you reach out to the Larkin Law Firm, you can stop your problems from worsening. With a free consultation, you can find out what there is to do about your debt today. Call us today at (760) 316-6669

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